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How I see it.

Published by Richard Fedele in Opinion Blog · 5/8/2018 13:42:06
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I pay attention to world politics, news, real-fake and fake-fake. I see how the decisions of the few affect the total population of the earth. For the most part I'm like everyone else. I see the atrocities and go on with my day. Then, a few days ago, I read the oath taken by every Jesuit in this world. I immediately got sick to my stomach. Then I thought of my loved ones and realized that this world does not deserve the way in which humanity has allowed non-humanistic people and organizations to grow, propagate and succeed.

No matter your belief system, infringing on another's free will is the foundation of an evil act.

Acting to subvert, subjugate, direct through deception and forcibly make any human succumb are all forms of affecting another's free will. We see it everywhere in the world, from the home to geo politics. The force used by creaction to balance the wrong appears to be karma, which can be immediate and swift or may take lifetimes.

The choice of earth's greatest evil today, the cabal or elite globalist, to propagate their evil intentions seems to be the politically left minded. The attitudes of these dependent groups are ideal at this point in history which is why they are used.

Today's liberals are in bed with the evil international cabal that are self-appointment dictatorial caretakers that feel they are above humans. Most of these liberals don't know they support this evil.

They rape and kill our children while distracting the masses with shaming on race and immigration and other made up issues. They control us with high taxes, interest rates and fees. They hide basic information with education curriculum and bought media. They get our consent by implying through complicated terms and conditions they know aren't read by the majority. They convince Islam that the only way to riches and glory is through terrorism, then convince countries to import these terrorists. They incite and plan for war and market depressions. They have implanted willing agents in every corporation and political position that counts.

The cabal have been conspiring for generations to consolidate humanity into willing slaves while creating a matrix of deception and complicity. They steal $10 then gift $1 as if they have done us a favor. They have stolen all the world's assets but sell us the perception of assets. They divide us with race, stereotypes, religion, trade and immigration among other useless issues.

The plans of many elite, the royal family, the roman catholic church and various international bankers and major corporations is to kill off all humans, save 500 million that will be their slaves. They somehow feel entitled to rule in luxury while stripping away every freedom innate and rightful to every sovereign human on this plant, our home!

They easily infiltrated the liberal agenda because they spent generations creating dependent, fake entitlement with the middle and lower classes. There have never been so many psycho-sociological issues among the classes. They hire crisis actors to appear on main stream media so that weird deviant hysterics appear normal. They promote pedophilia on billboards and social media as normal and consensual. Many of us don't use our brain because we were taught in school, church and the media that our opinion is always offensive unless we heard it in main stream media, at church or in school. We learned to operate out of fear, so the cabal can fix the fake issues they created.

The liberal agenda has gone from the desires of the people to the deliverance of evil and subjugation. It's not just the liberals, there are many politically right, or conservatives that have also been affected by these attitudes. George Bush is a great example of this.

What can humanity do? Perhaps the cabal and all their minions need to go the way of the Czar. That seemed to fix things for the Russians. Perhaps we should round up the Royal Family, Roman Catholic church and every elite part of this world's non-humanist dominion and put them in prison, stripping them of all their wealth and redistributing it.

Regardless of how we handle the evil itself, one thing we can do today is to stop partisanship and think of our own, and humanity's wellbeing. Everything else is participating in the expensive play they have created for us. Don't take the opinion of media, main stream or alternative media as fact. Anything you hear outside yourself is opinion or orchestrated and may be used to affect your opinion.

The agenda of these anti-humanist weaklings is carried out in secret because they know it is wrong. They hide their actions because they know good men and women will stand up to stop it. So, they allow information to be heard as conspiracy theories and speculation so they can tell us what they are doing without admitting it as fact. They are cowards and want to rule us. Imagine that!

I for one, will stand between them and humanity. I, myself, may not be enough to extinguish them, but it is my hope that all of humanity will wake from their dream and stand together in unified love, the only thing that will bring them to their knees and eradicate them from our planet, our home.

This is how I see things today.

Richard Fedele


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