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Spamming of 321well blog on this site

Published by in Update · 22/1/2015 12:24:03

We have been attacked by spammers that are posting pharmaceutical gibberish and marking all the wellness blogs and comments as inappropriate.  While this is a minor inconvenience to us and our readers, we are happy to see that our little 321WELL system is considered to be enough of a threat to pharmaceuticals that someone felt it necessary to try and shut down our blog!

We apologize to our readers and we will introduce a new solution for you soon.
For those of us in wellness that have our eyes open to corporate desperation and swaying markets, this is a comical incident that shows exactly the intentions of the pharmaceutical industry supporters.  Instead of working with wellness to improve the quality of life, pharmaceutical supporters prefer to attack any chance of getting people off their meds through improved lifestyle.  Their attempts are childish and no longer have the convincing power of persuasion that it once did.  

Many people are wising up to the corporate world’s tactics and see right through these attempts.  From cleverly placed lines in sit-coms and movies to changing legislation to suite their profit margins, many give a passing glance and murmur in disgust to as they witness many that are still afraid to state the obvious.  
At 321WELL, we will not be bullied and will not EVER stand down.  Improving the quality of life for every single person is more than simply corporate strategy or profits.  For all that work here, it is our life mission to give people the freedom to live their life without fear of second opinions and remove the stigma of living a lifestyle of WELLBEING!  

We are succeeding; we will not sell out and I suggest that pharma backers stop trying to intimidate us.  They are not our enemies but we will fight for the right to have an open dialogue of truthfulness without worrying about who we might “offend” or the shares that we help affect because people are getting healthier and happier.  Sickness should NEVER be used to increase profits.  It’s too tempting to the greedy to increase demand any way they can. We have seen examples of this every day in today’s world!

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