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Corporate wellness has proven to be beneficial for both the employees and the bottom line of the company.  Effective wellness, as is now understood, requires that employees have access to the tools that balance all aspects of wellness.


The challenges corporations face is usually centered on employee participation and offering the full gambit of wellness options while keeping within the budget!


Employee Participation
Employees avoid wellness initiatives for various reasons that can be addressed with FOUNDATION, the staple product of Lifestyle Wellness Benefits Inc.

  • Interest in the offering: Employees are part of a diverse population within their work environment.  Their issues may not compare to their peers and therefore their interests may be different.  Many corporations focus their attention on physical wellness such as exercise and nutrition.  While these are important aspects of wellness, they are only a small part of overall balance to improve quality of life.  Offering the entire wellness portfolio increases the effectiveness for each and every employee.

  • Understanding wellness: Education is the primary focus of FOUNDATION for a reason.  When employees understand what the various wellness offering can do for them and their family, they begin to take steps towards utilizing these offerings.  Understanding what is available will ensure that they choose products and services that they want and create the greatest effect towards improved quality of life.

  • Access to wellness:  FOUNDATION utilized programs such as the concierge system, local wellness coordinators, Wellness Service Provider corporate outreach, Local event planning, corporate discounts at participating providers and others to ensure availability for the employees.  

Full Gambit Of Wellness Options
When a company reviews their wellness program and finds that employee participation is only at 1-5%, the first thing discussed is why the other 95% are not involved.  This common theme is addressed by making the wellness offering more robust, thus costing more, or changing up the offering.  Usually this is done within the same wellness area of interest such as physical wellness.  The company‚Äôs wellness committee then realizes that the only ones taking advantage of their offering are employees who are already well.

FOUNDATION does not focus on any particular part of the employee population.  Creating real change that can be seen in reduced benefit cost and improved productivity can only happen when the entire employee population shifts positively on the wellness curve.

Furthermore, most employees are already spending on their own wellbeing in one form or another.  When all forms of wellness are considered, anyone can understand why it is important to offer a greater variety.  Education and availability of wellness products and services can be accomplished without having to be expensive.  GWS was designed to bring together the entire wellness industry and maximize its effectiveness within an employee population.  

Maintaining The Budget

Initial Cost
FOUNDATION has many benefits including its low cost of implementation and maintenance.  The initial average per certificate cost is between 2% and 5% of what it costs companies to provide health benefits.  

Future Costs
As FOUNDATION was designed to reduce long term health benefit costs and increase productivity across the entire employee population, the long term cost to the company is a negative one.  Long term, companies will profit from this program which is what makes it as popular as it is.

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