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Traditional Benefits

Health and Dental benefits are used as a strategy to attract and retain key employees that profit your business.

While not cost effective, this strategy is proven to keep the 20% of exceptional employees satisfied.

The disadvantage is the other 80% may drive up the cost of benefits.  Other strategies are used to help control benefit cost.

Benefit costs; Out of Control

Traditional Benefits are assumed to increase in cost each year.  Why?

We are too quick to accept that health and dental benefits must be a sacrifice to the bottom line!

The reason for out of control costs is that they are designed as a reactive benefit, exposing them to abuse and sense of entitlement issues.

Strategies to Control Cost

How does a company control cost and cash flow without affecting productivity and profits?

Many strategies are used including Reduced co-pay, increased deductibles, incentive programs, education, EAP’s, creative accounting, infrastructure changes and, most recently, employee wellness initiatives.

Proven Strategies

By far, the most effective strategy used to lower costs, increase productivity, control cash flow and develop more exceptional employees is wellness, if executed correctly!

When executed in a proactive and preventative platform employee wellness yields results that can not be matched by any other strategy!!!

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